Design/Build contracts are best suited for projects that have a quick turnaround time, are complex in nature, and both initial and lifetime costs of the systems are significant considerations.

Because the contractor is involved in the design phase of the project, Design/Build can provide significant cost savings over traditional plan and spec work.

The sooner cost savings are taken into consideration, the larger the impact. An efficient well-planned design has a much greater cost impact than the work which takes place during the construction phase, well after the design concept has been completed.

Some other Advantages of Design/Build work include:

  • Accelerated project delivery - Functions such as estimating, value engineering, and even construction can start during the design phase.
  • Firm pricing early in the project - In comparison to plan and spec work, the owner is able to receive a firm price during the design phase.
  • Single source of responsibility - Because designer and builder are the same company, the owner does not have to look towards multiple sources for responsibility. The Design/Build contractor assumes all risk for the project.
  • Promotes team concept - The designer and builder are on the same team. There are no adversarial relationships. The designer works closely with the builder to assure constructibility and the most cost-effective construction solutions.

We work with a variety of prefab shops to make the process easy and reliable.